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City Council meeting focuses on improving street safety in La Cañada

Easing congestion and making La Cañada streets safer took center stage Tuesday, as City Council members considered making concrete some temporary street improvements near Palm Crest Elementary School and reducing speed limits on Angeles Crest Highway near Foothill Boulevard to 30 mph.


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La Cañada football finds itself in better place


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Music Preview: Pedal-steel guitarist Jay Dee Maness takes on leading role


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  • Mailbag: LCF post office drops the ball; chopper noise affects quality of life; local support for Dems

    Post office issuesFor years the La Cañada post office has been known for long lines and slow, poor service.The situation seems to be getting worse. When we stop the mail now, we are never sure what is going to happen. Often, the mail is not stopped or is partially stopped. We have had to start...

  • Mailbag: Thanks after a campaign journey

    When we began our recent journey seeking a seat in the state Assembly, we knew we had a steep hill to climb. We wanted to rethink policies that impact critical areas of our lives, especially how we support kids. We sought to do so free from the influence of outside special interest money. No one...

  • Commentary: An improbable life has come to an end

    I was stunned to learn of the unexpected passing of my good friend, David C. Wilcox, Ph.D., a former, longtime La Cañada resident who died on Feb. 24. After a two -year communication hiatus, I sent David an email to inquire about his take on the current election. For the first time in 22 years,...

  • Mailbag: Offering a sound response to neighbor's noise complaint

    Re: “Council speaks up on noise level,” May 19. I am the neighbor Helga Ohannesian mentions in the article, and I would like to address the statements made by Ohannesian. She continues to claim that I have been doing carpentry daily, but I have not undertaken a single woodworking project in almost...


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